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In order to send notifications to admin users with them enabled, use the INotificationPublisher to send them. This interface is defined as such:
namespace MrCMS.Services.Notifications
    public interface INotificationPublisher
        void PublishNotification(string message, PublishType publishType = PublishType.Both, NotificationType notificationType = NotificationType.All);

The message can be HTML formatted to include links into it that can be followed by the recipients, such as a link to a document that has been added by another user, or a link to an order which has been placed on the system. The other 2 parameters, PublishType and NotificationType refer to how the message will be sent. The PublishType refers to whether it is added to the persistent notifications (i.e. those in the top right in admin and stored in the database) or the transient ones which pop up in the bottom right during browsing of the admin.

The notification type refers to whether or not the Notification is for admins, users or anybody. At present this is to all users and/or all admins.

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