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In version 0.4.2, a refactor of the database setting was performed, to allow the IDatabaseProvider interface to be used to setup NHibernate (via FluentNHibernate's IPersistenceConfigurer interface) in a more extensible way. As a part of this we re-introduced system-wide settings to store the DatabaseProviderType and connection string info.

This means that the connection string is no longer read from the connectionstring.config file, which was the case in all previous version. This is a little misleading when upgrading projects as the EnsureDatabaseIsInstalled service checks the connectionstring.config, and migrates the old settings to the new system silently.

Basically when migrating from an older version to this, you shouldn't have issues with the connection string breaking, but it will be intuitive that the connection string is not coming from the same location as it was.

So in summary, when using v0.4.2 or newer, if you need to update the database settings, use App_Data/Settings/system/mrcms.settings.databasesettings.json

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