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Breaking Changes > Admin user data into tabs

User data in admin used to be done via convention by making an object implement IBelongToUser, then placing a controller action pairing of ObjectName->ForUser. This is being migrated to use a tabs system, similar to the revision to the webpage edit page. as such, for something to show up there, and to migrate existing user data to the new format, you'll need to create a subclass of MrCMS.Web.Areas.Admin.Models.UserEdit.UserTab in order to get it to show up.

This should be more flexible and less reliant on that interface, so that in the case of say a blog post that could belong to a user, you can be more semantic with your naming (e.g. Author in Article is currently User, when now it can be moved back to author). As a side effect it may be more performant, as it won't be trying to render a view for each potential data object, but only the ones that have been opted in.

Also ,as it was already required to create a controller, data-access and view to use the convention based system, it's not like we're really losing any significant "convention over configuration" by doing this.

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