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Making apps as Nuget package

Feb 9, 2015 at 9:24 PM
First of all thank u for this great CMS, I really like it. Like this scalable 'app' architecture, and module independence. I choose it to realize national athletics site.

But now it's very young and don't have enough tupical 'apps'.
Can u share more apps that u developed for u needs? I'll also try to share mine.
Will be great making them as Nuget package and also realize mechanism to add third-party modules (apps) to u "app gallery" with description and few images.
If I can help u to do that just let me know :)
Feb 10, 2015 at 10:06 AM
Thanks, we are excited for the future of Mr CMS. With the app architecture, we envision a market place similar to mobile phones where you will be able to download and install Apps into Mr CMS.

We have built several apps in house:
  1. Ecommerce App
  2. Publishing App
  3. CRM App
  4. Project Management App
And so on.

The first one we will open source will be the Ecommerce app, however at the moment I don't feel it would be right to release it as its really built for the UK only. Once we have developed it further we will release it for all to use.

The next big change for Mr CMS will be when vnext/.net5 is released and we move over to that. This will hopefully help with the installable app interface.

If you want a copy of the ecommerce app I would be happy to let you test it. Add me on skype to discuss: thought.will
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